Business Philosophy

Good faith, substantiality, perfection, and sociality responsibility are the essence of Collins:


-          It’s the good faith that we reply on to develop the business. Externally, we build up durable relationships with our customers and work with vendors that are impartially picked. We insist on win-win policy to deal with all business partners with utmost good faith. Internally, we establish fair responsibilities and distinguished discipline to command all staff.


-          It’s the substantiality that we reply on to achieve the ultimate goal. We emphasize every detail to satisfy the customers. We encourage staff to accomplish their jobs step by step. We go for team work to find out all solutions that are crucial to our future success.


-          It’s the perfection that we reply on to deal with the competition. We pursuit perfection through continuous improvement and innovation. We focus on reviews and plans contingent to changes of environment to ensure continuous improvement.


-          It’s the social responsibility that we reply on to dominate our corporate value. We believe our corporate benefit is maximized when the society gains its best interest. We understand we are responsible to create better lives of our employees and their families, bring friendly results to our environment and contribute our efforts whenever the community needs.